1.For parcels up to 10 Kgs the shipment is made with a courier company-Courier (ELTA Courier) and a charge of 4 € for all of Greece.
2.For parcels over 10 Kgs and generally for fragile goods, heavy weight, large volume and large dimensions (mirrors-tables-small furniture-mattresses etc) the shipment is made with a transport company and the charge is € 15 for Attica and € 20 for the rest of Greece.
For the furniture made in Greece (Sofas – Dining rooms – Bedrooms – Sideboards – Composite – Coffee tables etc) either they are exhibits so they are ready to be delivered, or they are furniture after order-special dimensions etc that need about 30 days for delivery. from the offer of the transport company depending on the place of shipment, the volume and weight of the product, and the amount of the order. The order starts after the deposit of 50% of the value of the order is deposited.

In case the use of a crane is necessary, the costs are borne exclusively by the customer.

4.Delivery time ranges from 3-7 working days. Excluded are the products of special construction that are on order or the products that are not ready to be delivered to our suppliers where for them the delivery can reach up to 30 days. In any case and for any delay there is always information and consultation with the customer.
5.Shipping and payment with COD COD is valid ONLY for goods sent by Courier and the cost is 2 € in addition to the shipping cost.
6.The goods sent by a courier company are delivered at the entrance of the house / apartment building that you have declared during the order. The goods sent with a transport company are picked up by the customer from the branch of the cooperating transport company based in your area. There is the possibility of delivery to your place after consultation with the transport company and with the coverage of the respective costs by you.

* Since after the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the customer, the latter must check upon receipt of the products he receives, as by signing at receipt he confirms that he received the products of his order correctly.