Bonus Mattress Double 152 to 160cm X 200cm Media Strom Bonus-152-160 Code: Bonus-152-160 Brand: Media Strom

Media Strom / Advance Line Bonus Mattress

Rest and comfort in sleep thanks to the combination of independent springs and rich anatomical materials characterize the very affordable proposal of the series. The elastic quilt with 5 comfort zones gently embraces the body and enhances the function of independent support with raw materials that ensure air circulation and the durability of the mattress. The independent Go-Up Pocket springs offer multiple support points where each one functions as an independent suspension as it adapts to the body and allows for a good night’s sleep. Comfort is achieved thanks to raw and certified materials with very good ventilation and reset. Pumping Effect and Total Health Protection in combination with the antimicrobial treatment of the fabric offer ventilation and hygiene. Progressive Function for proper operation. Side Support Plus [with roll off protection] for enhanced support and proper operation. 8 year warranty

• Dimension: 152-160 X 200 cm

All mattresses are made to order and are delivered in 7-10 days. The exact dimension of the mattress you wish is stated in the comments, during the ordering process.

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