Prestige Multi Mattress Single 82 to 90cm X 200cm Media Strom PrestigeMulti-82-90

Prestige Multi mattress by Media Strom / Advance Line

The rich quilt with the 5 Comfort zones gently embraces the body and enhances the function of independent support, with raw materials that ensure air circulation and the durability of the mattress.
With the only foam in the Greek market with 7 comfort zones, comfort is provided with exceptional precision in the parts of the body that need it most.
The New Micro-Pocket spring core with 5 support zones offers almost 50% extra springs, ie 50% extra support points to provide more accurate and efficient independent support where and as needed.
The Pumping Effect and the Total Health Protection in combination with the antimicrobial – antifungal treatment aegis of the fabrics ensure the air circulation and offer unsurpassed hygiene.
Side Support Plus [enhanced roll off protection] for enhanced support and proper operation. Now the pleasure is in every inch.
Thanks to the Progressive Function (progressive operation of the materials) the perfect combination of the excellent support with the unsurpassed comfort is ensured.
Mattress height (in the center): 25 cm
• Dimension: 82 to 90 cm X 200 cm

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