Mattress Prestige 4G Single 92 to 100cm X 200cm Media Strom Prestige4G-92-100 Code: Prestige4G-92-100 Brand: Media Strom

Prestige 4G mattress by Media Strom / Advance Line

The fluffy quilt with the 5 comfort zones offers unsurpassed comfort without compromises while at the same time enhancing the function of the independent support.
The embossed foam materials perfectly embrace every curve of the body, offering unsurpassed comfort and giving you a unique feeling of relaxation.
Heart from independent springs Go-Up Zone Pocket for excellent support, strengthened in the heaviest parts of the body, shoulders and hips, thanks to the architecture of the 5 support zones that properly hold the spine during sleep.
Pumping Effect and Total Health Protection in combination with the antimicrobial treatment of the fabric ensure air circulation and offer unsurpassed hygiene.
Side Support Plus [with roll off protection] for enhanced support and proper operation, every inch of the mattress offers the hug you need.
Thanks to the Progressive Function (progressive operation of the materials) the support is harmoniously combined with the comfort.
Mattress height (in the center): 26 cm
• Dimension: 92 to 100 cm X 200 cm

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